Drone Videographer Case Studies

Case study 1 - Live TV Broadcasting of an event using Drones

Location: Sharjah Al Majaz Amphitheater

Drone: DJI Inspire 2

Project Overview: 

Live streaming is one of the most powerful applications of drone videography. Drones deliver a truly unique birds-eye view of the event and it also elevates the production value of the broadcast. This is indeed the best and most cost-effective solution for studios looking to add variety to their broadcast.


Al Majaz Amphitheatre is an architectural monument that integrates with the aesthetics of Sharjah and is one of the initiatives of Sharjah Government Media Bureau, Government of Sharjah.


This project involved live broadcasting of a concert in Al Majaz Amphitheater. The client was a reputed media production house based in the middle-east in-charge of the live TV broadcast of the concert.



  • The event had to be captured from 7 PM to 12 AM under low light conditions to be broadcasted on live TV which limited our options to high-end drones offering superior low-light performance.

  • The area to be covered for the broadcasting was vast enough for the pilot to lose direct sight of the drone. Due to the vastness of the area and the scope of the project, two drones had to be employed to get the best results.

  • The drone had to be operated with caution as the amphitheatre had laser lights which could affect the drone operation.



  • Risk Assessment to ensure safety was performed before the shoot as the drone operation was planned after sunset.

  • 2 DJI Inspire 2 drones were employed for the broadcast, both providing live-feed from the air to the production OB Van which acted as the drone base.

  • Drones were operated from the top of the OB van to obtain maximum range and to avoid NOISE signals which could hinder smooth broadcasting.

  • Each drone pilot handling the drone had a dedicated spotter/runner to keep an eye on the drone and also to change drone batteries without affecting the broadcast.

Case study 2 - Construction progress shoot

Location: Al Fay Depot, Etihad Rail

Drone: DJI Mavic 2 Pro, DJI Phantom 4 Pro RTK


Etihad Rail is the developer and operator of the UAE’s national railway network, connecting the country’s key centres of trade, acting as a catalyst for economic growth and sustaining economic development. This project involved monitoring the construction progress shoot of Al Fay depot of the Etihad Rail over a period of 2 years. 


Nowadays, drones are becoming an increasingly popular option to monitor the construction progress of a project. Drones come up with the inherent advantages of providing high vantage point, aerial perspectives and accurate visual data. This facilitates efficient and faster decision making.



  • Most of the site area was just sand which could pose a challenge as the harsh light could over expose the elements..

  • Site area to be shot was 2 kms long. Accessing the entire site was difficult as the road was still not constructed.

  • Customer wanted to see the scale of the project in a short video.

  • They also requested a walk through of the construction.

  • There were several substations and important areas that would require special attention.



  • Automated flying missions were created and were repeated throughout the duration of the project. This ensured the altitude and the angle of the drone remained consistent across the flights.

  • Advanced Flight software were employed to ensure robotic accuracy. this enabled the client to check whether the construction was progressing as per plan.

  • Same frame same angles to accurately determine the progress of the project.       

  • Edited content were delivered on the same day to enable faster decision making for the client.

  • Weather conditions were analyzed well in advance to plan the shoot dates. The client was also informed of the shoot dates in advance which made the permit approval process smoother.

  • Project was executed early in the morning to get the best possible results keeping the exposure well in control.

Case study 3 - Real estate shooting

Location: UAE

Drone: DJI Inspire 2, DJI Mavic 2 Pro, DJI Phantom 4 Pro RTK


The latest trend in real estate photography is to employ drones to elevate the quality of content to the next level. Drones can take high resolution and detailed footage from the air giving the prospective buyer an excellent view of the property along with its surrounding environment. This makes the job of our real estate clients a lot easier and helps them to close the deals more efficiently. 


No other medium can capture the property along with its surroundings in a single frame like the drone can and this is what makes drone filming of real estate properties unique. A drone provides a view of the real estate property that is unmatched by another source and this view is critical for any real estate business. Our projects for real estate clients include photography and videography of their properties and facilities along with its environment.



  • UAE is a country with strict drone flying regulations. Various permits are required from different UAE governmental departments before the drone can be up in the air. 

  • Real Estate shoots should always be executed giving utmost importance to Safety regulations. We need to ensure that there is no damage occurring to client personnel/property. 

  • Drone shoots in UAE are especially challenging due to dynamic and unpredictable weather conditions. This has the potential to negatively affect the quality of the drone footage.

  • In Real Estate Photography, our clients are looking for content that will enhance the appeal of their property to the best possible extent. It is challenging to capture the best frames of the property within the allotted limited time interval dictated by the lighting, weather and the permit limitations. 

  • Other limitations arising from the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Defense. 

  • Clients require the nighttime view of the property with the attractive lights to be included in their marketing materials.


  • Getting drone flying permits can be very challenging in the UAE. To support our clients, we have a team well versed with the local rules and guidelines and can hand-hold our clients through the permit application process. We also apply for permits on our clients’ behalf for a nominal convenience fee.

  • To guarantee maximum safety all our drones have comprehensive insurance to cover any probable accidents. Our experienced drone pilots also ensure our drones do not leave their light of sight at any point while flying.

  • We employ the latest specialized photography weather apps to determine the best dates and time to shoot well in advance. We communicate the possible shoot dates along with reserve dates to the client before the permit application stage

  • Although our drone pilots with their years of experience in real estate photography are capable of capturing the best frames on the spot, they do not take that chance if it can be helped. We conduct a site reconnaissance wherever possible to do our homework regarding the vantage points and frames before the shoot date to make the best possible use of the limited shoot window that is available.

  • Our drone pilots are well aware of the local rules concerning privacy along with the civil aviation guidelines. They always make sure that the laws are always followed while shooting

  • Civil Aviation Authorities in the UAE allows nighttime drone shoots with conditions. Therefore we always make sure that risk assessments are performed before the shoot. Moreover, shooting in lowlight situations require speciality drones equipped with higher quality cameras

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