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Real Estate

Drone shots are the best way to showcase your prestigious real estate properties in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, giving the clients a greater idea about the overall design, construction,  neighbourhood and other amenities.  

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Film, TV & Video Production

With our superior quality professional drones, create content for TV networks or for big screens in the best possible manner. Our experienced pilots are well versed in leveraging drone videography for creating great content. 

Drone Photography Services
Event Coverage

We understand the effort that goes into organizing a successful event in Dubai and UAE. Create lasting memories of your event not just from the ground but also from the skies using our expert drone photography and videography.


High Performance Drones

Be it chasing a speeding car at 95 km per hour or capturing high dynamic range footage of landscapes in 5.2k resolution, our top of the line drones with the interchangeable lens can handle it all.


Our drones are capable of delivering cinematic footage in Dlog, CineDNG or ProRes format required for high-end video production

Drone Video Company

FPV Filming

With FPV (First Person View), drone filming is venturing into the unexplored territory of video production. FPV provides an intensely immersive experience for the audience placing them right in the middle of the action.


FPV is the future of drone filming and it is the latest addition to our repertoire. We are as excited as you are!

Aerial Filming Services
Dubai Drone
Aerial Survey/
3D Mapping

Survey your site efficiently and economically using your drone’s aerial surveying capabilities.

You can also get actionable topographic data with our 3d mapping services. We can also provide detailed 3D models of structures for your business.

Drone Filming
Aerial Live Streaming

We have drones capable of live-streaming directly from the air or providing a direct video feed to the ground team for large scale live stream production.

Add the aerial angle to your concert, sports tournament, wedding or any other event with our services.

Drone Video Company

Drone videography or photography in weddings can help capture the entire event in one sweeping shot. This is not only a powerful angle but also very unobtrusive for your guests. Add that extra flavour to your wedding video or photoshoot.

EXPO 2020 Authorised Drone Service Provider
Drone Videographer is an authorised service provider for Expo 2020 Dubai

Drone Videographer Case Studies


Aerial Live TV Broadcasting

Project Overview


Live streaming is one of the most powerful applications of drone videography. Drones deliver a truly unique birds-eye view of the event and it also elevates the production value of the broadcast. This is indeed the best and most cost-effective solution for studios looking to add variety to their broadcast.

This project involved live broadcasting of a concert in Al Majaz Amphitheater. The client was a reputed media production house based in the middle-east in-charge of the live TV broadcast of the concert.

GCAA/DCAA Licensed Aerial Shooting in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE


Why Drone Videographer?

Talented Drone Pilots


We have talented and experienced drone pilots who are experts in delivering high-quality Aerial Photography and videography be it for film production or personal projects. You can be assured of a hassle-free experience with guaranteed high quality deliverables. Our Drone Photographers are also well versed with the local rules and regulations associated with Drone Photography and videography in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates in UAE. This is the most important factor to be considered while flying drones in UAE since the fine for unlawful flying can be as high as AED10,00,000. 


High-quality professional equipment


Our Videographer in Dubai Drone Videography employs on the best drones in the business to achieve superior quality photos and videos. Our drones are capable of capturing sharp and detailed videos at 6K resolution and high resolution 20.8 MP photographs. These are the gold standard in Dubai and UAE market with respect to drone photography and Drone Videography. All our drones are equipped with high-quality stabilizers to provide sharp and super smooth photographs and videos.


Hassle-free and cost-effective service


The last and final reason to choose our Licensed drone videographer for your drone photography and videography needs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE is our competitive pricing. We are confident of being the company that provides the best bang for your buck not only Dubai also all over UAE. When you hire our Drone Photographer for a project involving drone photography or videography, we take care of everything ranging from government permits to production set up to deliver a hassle-free and highly productive drone shoot experience.


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